Wireless Services

Typically, wireless LANs are provided to complement or extend a wired network, providing access for wireless data devices and as a platform for integrating mobile applications such as Voice over WLAN, Visitor Based Networks and IP surveillance.

However, we believe that wireless technology will become more commonplace especially around the home or small office. That’s why we are making a concerted effort to be ahead of the market and offer new and inventive solutions to wireless deployment.


Our Wireless Services offering includes:


Site Surveys
Wireless specialists can carry out a physical survey of a client’s premises or proposed 'Hot-Zone' to identify optimum locations to install wireless access points that provide 100% coverage, along with maximum performance, within the desired area. During these surveys, our engineers use specialised test equipment to measure Signal Level, Noise Level, and more importantly Signal to Noise Ratio, as it is extremely difficult to predict the propagation of radio waves through various building structures.

Wireless LAN Planning and Design
During the site survey exercise our wireless specialist collects other site-specific information such as intended usage, the location of obstacles installation locations and required bandwidth and coverage. This information along with and other key factors that could impact the implementation of a wireless network is then used to design the optimum solution and location of the access points.

Access Point deployment
Our wireless engineers can expertly install wireless access point configuring encryption keys, SSID, and the channel and power settings to maximize security and performance.
They can also if required connect the access points to the client LAN.

Verification Testing
Following installation, our engineers carry out Installation verification testing, which includes a wireless network detection survey and connectivity test to verify that all access points are accessible.