About Haynes Data

We are a family run dynamic company, which was established to provide high-quality infrastructure, Building, and technology solutions to both businesses and homes.

Our focus is on the delivery of broadband services and the utilisation of that medium to enhance everyday life through the deployment of class-leading technology. From the conception of the company, the work-life balance ethos has been high on our agenda along with the vision of becoming an everyday household name synonymous with what we at Haynes Ltd refer to as Smart Living.

Our vision is to create an environment where individuals have the choice to do what they want, when they want, where they want too, with whoever they want.

A vision where the individual is empowered by technology and has the means to reach their full potential by being in control of their own life-style, accessing knowledge on demand, interacting with health and community services and being enriched through entertainment and social interaction.

Our aim is simply doing that, enriching peoples Lives through the medium of I.P.

Haynes Ltd leads the way with innovative technologies delivered with a focus on utilisation, combined with all the supporting services any Business, SoHo Worker or individual user may require. Therefore our customers realise benefit through consummate technical advice delivered with an agnostic view of the appropriate technologies and solutions available in today’s market. We deliver these benefits by creating and
adapting a technology solution that meets your business and crucially your personal needs.