Haynes Group
Enriching peoples Lives through the medium of I.P

We are a family run dynamic company, which was established to provide high-quality infrastructure, Building, and technology solutions to both businesses and homes. Our focus is on the delivery of broadband services and the utilisation of that medium to enhance everyday life through the deployment of class-leading technology.

From the conception of the company, the work-life balance ethos has been high on our agenda along with the vision of becoming an everyday household name synonymous with what we at Haynes Ltd refer to as Smart Living.

Why choose Haynes Group?

Freedom of Choice
Haynes’s vendor-independent approach means you can access the widest choice of technologies and have them converged into one holistic solution. Having created the technical infrastructure, we can help you to utilise your new solution to its maximum benefit.

Best of Breed Solutions
Our solutions will often be based on multiple vendors. Flexible sourcing of equipment means you are able to continually access the latest technologies. It also ensures that the technology we recommend is sourced from the most suitable provider. We integrate the equipment into a single, seamless solution, and you have the benefit of one contract and one Service Level Agreement.

Total Quality Service
Our service is quantifiably superior, you benefit as a result of the Director's hands-on approach, dedication to their staff's development and focus on getting it right the first time. It’s also quantifiably unique, offering state of the art technologies combined with a true concern for the way in which you utilise them.

Low Cost of Ownership
Due to our vendor-independent approach, we are able to offer you technology that is sourced competitively, continuously driving the cost of ownership down. In addition to the tangible cost savings, you realise benefit through cost savings in other areas of your business such as increased productivity, improved recruitment and retention, low rates of absenteeism, reduced overheads, an improved customer experience and a more motivated, satisfied and equitable workforce.